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tv   Channel 3 News Sunrise  NBC  November 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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el it is time to fall in love again, with your home. now, channel 3 news today. >> right now at 5:00, entertainment and politics collide, coming up, what's happening today with just days until the election, john. >> all right, tiffany. cyber mayhem, what the government is doing to prevent -- >> mood swing, acne, depression, why men may not be tough enough to handle a new form just saying. >> we have got the research, holly. >> you boys. we will talk more. you should see john's face right now. >> he's doing the eye roll. >> we're getting the eye roll. >> actually i am napping. >> and that. i know that's a shocker; right, ben, can you relate? we have got friday. here we are tgif and the weather looks like it is going get better and better as day continues.
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at lunch, 55 degrees later on. so it is seasonal and i think the sunshine will be much more prevalent this afternoon. cloud cover is leftover and lingering, 40s inland. that's where most of you will be. if you are close to lake we do have some low 50s to report and not a whole lot going on other than just this leftover cloud cover here as we wake up on our friday. as we look on future view, notice it brings in shower chances. this is really overexaggerated. i have like a 10% passing sprinkle. most of you are not going see that and most of the moisture associate window the cloud cover itself. geting into the afternoon, we really start the to see more and more sunshine and it will apply into the evening as skies completely clear. we will look ahead to this first weekend of november, and talk warmer temperature, how warm is coming up. we did it. it is friday. >> we made it to friday. congratulate, we will help you make it through this commute.
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viewing area and we're all green. same picture to north so no problems there, not catching any accidents but for those of you who take 271 south and get off at 82 at the wal-mart exit there. now, this is closed until 6:00 a.m. because of paving. all you need to do just continue on 271 south, hop off at 8 and head back to 82. john and lena, back to you. all right. thank you. new overnight, one man is in serious condition after he was car on cleveland's east side. police respond to scene, east -- when they arrived they found the man under the car and the driver took off. they jacked it car up and pulled it man from underneath. he was taken to the hospital and is in serious condition. ed it. there are just four days now until election day and the candidates are focusing on ohio
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clinton and donald trump are neck in neck. >> there are new concerns over internet outages and fake news story, part of a multiprong cyber attack on election day. >> the department of homeland security, the military and members of the the intelligence community are getting ready, watching cyber infrastructure and the u.s. power grid among other possible targets. they're also watching for a widespread denial of services. that's the type of attack caused by common household the obama administration is also watching for hackers households who may try to influence social media. so far there's no specific threat for election day. with just four days until at the election, the candidates are working hard to reach undecided voters. tiffany join us live this morning and tiffany both clinton and trump are expected back in ohio today. >> reporter: yeah, in fact,
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out and vote early. it is a free concert, you have to have a ticket to get inside tonight. but of course, it just shows this is another push to get those voter, those clinton supporters to polls. reports are that beyonce is also expect today be here tonight. we -- expect today be here tonight and also in ohio, we know that donald trump will be in wilmington for a rally this afternoon with his supporters. now we have seen a number of visits to ohio from both campaigns and it show it is importance of balletal ground state. let's take a look at where -- battlegrounds state. according to real clear politics, averaging some national polls, college on the is slightly leading donald trump but we know here in ohio recent polls show that trump is actually ahead. so at this time, it is really anyone's race and that's why these coming days are so crucial. but coming up in next half an hour action if you are
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tonight, i will let you know what to do to get a ticket. >> he has been called a rising starr and if clinton does not win, in speculate they will run in 2020, looking ahead to that possibility, channel 3 hillary sat down with corey book tore find out what's next after he finishes stumping for clinton in ohio. voter turn out has been high, several reports indicate that turn out vote hearse is a key constituent city for clinton. >> the fact you had to go to these swing state, does that mean that perhaps hillary clinton has a problem with blacks still, considering they're not turning out in early voting like they did in 20 the i was here four years ago and eight years ago for barack obama. i am a guy who has been engaged by candidates to go out there and try to raise consciousness.
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going to vote strong because there's so much at stake for african americans like for all americans and the momentum is building. i'm excited that i am here and that secretary clinton herself coming back to talk to folks. i don't think it is a sign you have a problem. i think it is a sign that ohio is important and we need to get everybody out to vote. >> john houston also talk window us about the upcoming election. he says he's sure there's an unexpected challenge that pops up on electi measure versus been take on the address concerns of a rigged election. he also taked about early voter turn out saying so far number versus been down. voter turn out so far in the early voting period is down when compare today four years ago. we have -- compared to four years ago. we've had about when 0,000 fewer absentee billion lot requests and over 4 hundred thousand ballots actually return. he call this is an ohio
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candidate versus negatives over 50%. >> head to right now for everything you need to know about the election. we have these storys and more about protecting your vote before you head to poll. 5:07. cleveland police are investigating an alleged attack on a chicago cubs fan after the game 7 of the world police have noted aany charge but are looking into the incident of an indians fan punching a cubs fan. >> they only arrested 14 and charges range from disorderly conduct to assault and trademark counter fitting a. rest happened between 7:00 on wednesday night and 5:00 thursday morning. >> it will be a stressful, another stressful day in north
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bullets and sprayed pepper spray after demonstrators. this comes after calm days of -- the images from the sheriff show people demonstrators-d wading in water while deputies stood on the shoreline. the wait toll was shut down after 14 people were arrested in a protest. pen state has been fined for the jerry sandusky sexual assault case. a they violated the act, ten times the law requires colleges and universities to report campus crimes and warn people if their safety is threatened. penn state says it will review the finding. >> cvs letting go of hundreds of employees the next few months. they will let go of about 600 employees primarily located in their corporate facilities. they call the lay off an effort
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customer ifs. >> cvs health employees more than 240,000 people across the u.s. time now is 5:09. male birth control, on hold. find out why the medicine may not become a reality any time soon. hey there, john. we're run being doing the weather this morning. i'm ton east bank of the flats. we will have a forecast for you run percent gadgets for tailgating with the brown this stay tune. >> and he's off. thank, greg. we have some cloud cover this morning but we're expecting a lot of done shine before this friday is through. tgif. temperatures up to about 55. a very seasonal day, and wait until you see the weekend warm up. yeah, it is november. s0q it is november 4th. it is getting better and better. 5:05:09. 54 degrees right now at hopkins. most of you inland are in the 40s right now.
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hope you are having a great
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why weather on the run. >> that's right. greg is back on the road this morning and he's looking at the forecast for his jog, also you know what the next best thing to jogging is? having. >> i don't think you get this same effect. i'll bet studies show that you don't get the same effect as you actually would running around. yeah, i am on the east bank of the flat this is morning. in of you love running in this area and i do too. when i have a break at work i try to run down here. today a perfect day although you will find a mix of weather conditions. let's take a wind measurement
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the wind is too too strong. let's turn this on. it is not too strong thiset, probably getting light winds of 5 to 10 miles per hour this morning, and if you are right on the lake, we were jogging in here this morning, down lake side. some of these breezes 10 to 15 miles per hour. if you are run, temperatures are in the 50s. i have to tell you i am overdressed. you will want to wear shorts and ng because temperatures are in low to mid 50s. if you are farther south, more than five miles south of cleveland, temperatures are in low 40s, further inland this morning and with the wind up, they're in the 30s, you will want to wear long pant, long sleeves and a light jacket because of those north winds. now coming up later in show, big game this weekend here in cleveland.
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i have to get geekky. i have the latest gadgets to upgrade your tailgate, how to y in and how so get music in and how to protect your devices during those tailgate, if you are in lodge or anywhere around cleveland this weekend. >> you may be overdressed but we can see wow. that's important thing this morning. >> that is important. >> who can miss it. >> it is safety, you guys. you have to be hisable. >> feel like a runn sunshine, greg, for sure. >> i am sure that's what he was thinking when he picked out that jack net morning. >> hey, i want to be a running ball of sunshine this morning. >> why not are we going get any in the sky today. >> it will be delayed. [ laughter ] >> run, greg, run. we will be back. >> you ask me for fashion advise. >> right. jon, john. >> we're all getting over a really tired week.
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yes, i do. it is friday. fri-yay. >> look at that. most of us are in 40s but from you along the lake, greg just talked about this. that's the only exception where we are in the 50s. >> aren't they cute. >> let us know, there are the playoff, let us know who you are cheering for on twitter. we have the cloud cover this morning. it will be delayed sunshine for a lot of you but by this after, it is on the increase, time change this weekend. so we will extend bit because we fall back an hour. more sunshine as weigert the afternoon. 55 today is where we should be and most of you will end up. as we do check the next several hour, we go from a lot of overcast and maybe, maybe a little sprinkle. i really don't think that's
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inland we have the 40s to report and that's where we should start our days and most of you inland are doing exactly that. it is 47 in mansfield and upper 40s for akron canton, 54 downtown and quiet on satellite and radar, your roads are going to be dry, and the computer model is overexaggerating these rain chances. i have got it at 10% for early today. i don't think you will have to by 20:30, we see breaks and then more sunshine as we get into the evening, sun set, skies clear out. we will fall into the 30s and 40s tomorrow. it comes up and we forecast a beautiful sunny saturday. unbelievable weather. check it out, not only is it sunny. it will warm up into the low
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an hour on is as you understand. do the clocks and everything before you go to bed on saturday and next week, temperatures mid 60s, sunshine on monday, i election day on tuesday. hope you are having a great start. it is a great start to commute. we're all green on the traffic map. normal drive times and i am not checking any accidents or hearing reportsover 77 north being shut down near i-90. here is the picture in the area and i actually took 77 north and it was open and clear. so that drive time is normal, 7 minutes heading north and also normal heading south, 7 minacious we're a-okay on the
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partner at wtam 1100 total traffic. they will have update for you every ten minutes. back to you. >> all right. thanks. 5:19 right now. okay. are men truly the stronger gender? huh. >> a new study reveals they can't handle the symptoms millions of women face every single day. we will have that story and john's eye roll coming up. >> no, no i am actually with you on this.
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is approaching and in stores and malls are opting out of being open for thanksgiving day. kohl's says they will start on
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macy's is getting oh and like last year will open at 5:00 p.m., but jc pen knee is opening even earlier at 3:00 p.m. a survey of 2100 shoppers shows that 21% plan to hit door while 31% will look online. >> sorry. is that stuck in your head now. >> tre others. researchers studied thousands of songs and found ear worms tend today be faster why a generic but a repetition. moves like jager and the appropriately named can't get you head of my head by -- experts say giving in and listening to entire song is the best way to keep it from looping in your brain. >> right now i have all three
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time. and they will never leave. >> for classic rocker, deep purples smoke in the mirror. >> yeah. >> the rest -- that was the other one. >> just like that. >> now i have got that one too. >> boy, how about this story, reliable male birth control shot exists but research was stopped after the participant 50s parentally, couldn't handle the symptoms that millions of women in the u.s. endure everyday. [ laughter ] >> we have information about this form of contraceptiod >> in the u.s., an enure nor mouse amount of women have used some form of birth control, 98% but men won't share in the burden any time soon, they're not strong enoughingly am not surprised at all. >> mood swing, depression, change in sex drive, acne, millions of women in trust u.s. live with these cider detects of birth control but it seems
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>> here at cross fit remix, men and women perform at the same level, but when it comes to pain, most agree that women are better equipped. >> men have always felt that they were a little bit stronger and can handle things better than women. it is absolutely not true. >> a 2008 study on a male birth control shot ended early after men taking it reported mood swing, depression, change in sex drive and acne. the study was published in a medical journal last month. the shot sperm count and had a 96% effective rate but they had to abandon the study after 20 out of 266 couples dropped out because of adverse symptom. >> although those side effects are accepted for women. for men, more research is needed. >> i would probably drop out if i started gaining weight and having mood swing. >> it is amaizing to me how these men can't even handle just a tiny bit of what we go
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basis. >> because our whole lives i feel like it is left top women, which is not necessarily right or fair but that's the way a lot of guys look at it. >> guys may look at it differently if they were the ones getting pregnant. >> if men had to give birth, the population would be cut in half. >> 75% were actually log use this birth control but thanks to the number that complained and dropped out, it won't be available any >> >> cut in half? there wouldn't be any population. could we be honest. >> oh. >> i just listen to what i want today in that story. >> selective hearing. >> this a good one for social immediate y. let us know your thought, male birth control. could you deal? all right. >> would you try.
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and we have got the cloud cover still kind of lingering here as we start our day, but we will transition to more and more sunshine into the afternoon. look at all of the clear skies on the travel map to our best. huge area of high pressure building in. it is just in time for weekend and forecast highs and general forecast conditions reflecting all that sunshine. the weekend is going to be tremendous, and it is going warm up, john and lena, how warm we get in just moments. >> john just wants sports but hey. >> it is sports. >> still ahead, changes are coming to your -- why you might want to renew now. >> . s0q just four days left a new election concern coming out this morn, details about hillary clinton's visit to here in cleveland.
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and new morning the white house says it is brisking for potential cyber may may ham or election day. they're working together prevent hack fresh attacking power grids to internet on election day. they're also watching for a widespread denial of service. that's the tipoff tack caused by common household appliances last month. >> we're just four days from election day, and today, jayz will be head lining a concert right here at the centner clevel hillary clinton. but let's go ahead and show you where both clinton and trump fall in the national poll. this is an average according to real clear politics and you can see clinton with a slight lead but other polls show specifically in ohio, trump is leading the way. now, if you are interested in the concert tonight with jayz, tickets are available at the clinton campaign office on st. clair or the downtown campaign
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wilmington, ohio. he's hosting a rally there for his sporer. >> we know that lebron james will wear a full cubs uniform when they play the bulls in chicago before the game. i lost his bet with dewayne wade. it is only loss he's had had season. the avenues are off to a 5-but start beating boston. the best night of the season, 30 points in 36 minutes, how about a little show time here. he goes lebron for big three combined for 79. cavs win, for 2. they had a 17 point lead after three quarters so they cruised here. they're 5-0 for the first time since 1976. lebron is now two points from the all-time scoring list. he should pass on saturday night at philadelphia. >> perfect 5-0, holly. >> so exciting. we have an exciting weather
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we're in 50s for highs today. some of you close to lake shore in the 50s already. but in of you dropped back into the 40s as expected it morning inland. we will end up seeing a lot more sunshine, later today. it is up at morn 03:00. we are expecting a lot of cloud cover initially. in fact reporting mainly cloudy sky 50s cross much of northeast ohio at this time. here is the temperature break down, if you are at the lake, into the low 50s and it is 40s otherwise. so a big difference just miles make. >> you will need jackets heading out the door through the day really because it is a seasonal kind of feel this november 4thment looking at satellite and radar, it is quiet and we get rid of it into the afternoon and start to bring back really bright skies. weekend forecast is coming up. wait until you see how warm we get. danielle has -- >> no need worry about 77 north
5:34 am
open so you can't get to 90 from 77 north. it was schedule today be closed overnight because, again, of the project tinner belt bridge but we're all green comeing into downtown. we're green throughout the entire region, no accident ors major delay, so you have the green light to commute at your normal speeds and hopefully you are not late to where you need go. >> coming up in 15 minute, we will move because i will let you know where you can expect slow traffic today. back to you. >> thank you. >> 534 tim tip. topping your morning new, the trial for a former police officer accused of shooting an unarmed black man is underway in charleston, south carolina. >> the 12 person jury was formed yesterday. michael slager charged with the april shooting death of walter scott an unarmed motorist. he shot scott eight times after he took off from a traffic stop. slager faces between 30 years and life in prison, if convicted of murder.
5:35 am
driver of a car that plungeed into an arizona canal escaped without injury yesterday. according to police tdriver crashed through a fence and landed in the canal. officials aren't sure if it was weather-related but there were brief periods of heavy rain there. thousands of people were evacuated at the paris hotel and casino on the strip due to a power outage. it happened when a contractor working in basement cut into the cut also interrupted the back up generator, nearly a dozen people had to be rescued from trapped elevators. it is unknown when full power will be restore. >> heads up if you plan to travel in future. the u.s. state department says you should renew your passport now. there are changes coming which could create a massive backlog of passport applications. a 2007 law requires ering passports for travel to and
5:36 am
passport applications so now they're set to expire. meanwhile treal id act which will soon require updates to all state level ids, could make licenses invalid for air travel even on domestic trips. 5:36. what both candidates are up to on the final weekend before the election. we will preview the browns and cowboys but fan cave friday takes us back in america's favorite pastime. a great way with souvenirs from
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judge pat dewine. he has decades of legal experience and is rated an "excellent" judge. judge pat dewine. he interprets the law as written and doesn't legislate from the bench. judge pat dewine. he'll ensure justice for everyone
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n. judge pat dewine. honest. fair. impartial. endorsed by firefighters, police and leading ohio groups. judge pat dewine for ohio supreme court. of. 5:39. fears of what could 457 on happening on election day are mounting as we enter the last leg of the campaign. we have the latest on how the u.s. government is mount preparing and who the candidates are targeting in the last few days. good morning, tracypair they're always watching ohio. pennsylvania democrats a target for donald trump. hillary clinton going over latino voters in arizona a red
5:40 am
morn willing hackers and possibly trying to hack either your vote or access to the polls on tuesday. >> intelligence sources tell nbc your vote is safe, but they're preparing for possible hacks affecting electricity, the internet, social media and transportation next tuesday. for now, the concern is african american voters in swing states. >> >> don al trum versus called for monitors at the polls. hillary clinton call that is intimidation. >> the best way to repute kuwait the bigotry and hillary clipping and hateful rhetoric and discrimination is to show out with the biggest turn out in american history. >> our latest poll show trump ahead in arizona and texas, put a statistical tie in georgia. team clinton thinks north carolina is a firewall that
5:41 am
today. >> trump's wife campaigned solo for the first time. >> we have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other. >> the fbi continues to examine 650,000 e-mails linked to clinton's top aide. >> how can be there duplicates when 650,000 is even more than all of them that are missing, right. >> still no word on when they will complete the revi these e-mails straight for you. there's 650,000 from huma and weiner, separate from that, the state department has released 350 plus e-mails that they got from the fbi last summer. these were previously relate today clinton investigation, but nestle been made public and it looks like about one in five of those may be dubly kate. >> we're down to wire.
5:42 am
5:41. look at those clouds. >> yep. just hoovering. >> yeah. >> we'll get rid of them. >> right now. >> whatever we need. >> a giant fan. >> by this afternoon, it will be mostly sunny and let me define afternoon. i am thinking mid to late afternoon, because i know how it is you know, we think oh we're talking all of this sunshine. where is it? it will take some time today. it will be gradual so we will have the cloud cover lingering around and once we get into today, it is going be nothing but sunny through your weekend. we fall back an hour. this is the fun time change where you feel like the weekend is longer, early sunday so before you go to bed sunday, turn those clocks back, 55- degree, we have the cloud-sun, and more overcast than anything else. we get into more sunshine. this is seasonal: we will see the 50s today, it is where we should be before we start to warm things up again. over the next several hundred
5:43 am
and then peaksover sunshine, to just lotsover sunshine later. so for your evening it is bright and clear. once the sun sets obviously. feeling very like it should, at this point, some of you actually a little mild. from you close to lake, temperature versus been around 50 and inland, we drop into the 40s pretty fast. most of you are there. that's how you think about heading out the door, jacket for the bus stop. you absolutely need them. it is quiet on satellite and radar, outside of th cloud cover that we have got this morning and on future view, this a computer forecast model, they show off these sprinkle chances. i think it is overexaggerate today be honest. most of this is just cloud cover. i have a 10% chance of an early sprinkle chance today, and it is not happening. it is a reality. most of you will be dry. by this afternoon, we start to notice the cloud cover breaks pup we're totally clearing out which is going to make way for this lovely first weekend of
5:44 am
novemberish again. today it does. we're in the 50s. tomorrow and sunday, mostly sunny, low 60s for high, absolutely beautiful. >> time change is sunday we fall back an hour. next week, we are warming into the middle 60s. monday is election day, john is looking fan that'sic. no weather excuses not to vote. it is time for -- on weather. look at these faces. first we have five-year-old day look for daisy needs a special diet but is veryingly and likes a quiet home. would be a great friend and next we have tattle and tale. yeah. >> they have been together their whole lives. tattle will follow you around and will be looking for love, and then tale just likes to hang out and lay in the sunshine, okay, if you just leave him alone. they would like to adopt these two together because they really are best buddys and hang out with each other all the
5:45 am
tale. you can see them right here in cleveland. i love their name. >> love it. >> it is perfect. >> it is clear, no accidents and really quiet out there. let's move to -- because you should expect heavy traffic between fish gram and the kent border. that's because of the football playoff games to night. congratulates to both team, you shall avoid the area if you are not going to the game by the high school, and if you need ting to sis keen mills neighborhood, use the fish creek exit or entrance instead. john, back to you. all right. week nine a fan cave friday as we get ready for browns and cowboy, we also say cheers to the indians incredible run to world series. this weeks fan cave has a homemade bar and looks like a baseball museum, like a mini
5:46 am
these souvenirs with some dating back to the early 1900s. i love this, what a great week with the world series going on, we celebrate the game of baseball. how long did it take you to put this all together including the bar. >> about 20 years. i started playing when i was 45 and my wife graciously let me build all of this. >> yeah. >> the game. >> i love the old school game. you have the wooden bat, tell me about those. >> they're just actually different players from back in the 50s, 60s. 70s. some from back in the 20s. i just -- i like it because it is real baseball, oppose today alluminum stuff. so, i just got in habit of picking them up when somebody cracked them and it is gown from there. it is a little out of control down here. >> if you look at the
5:47 am
like a -- thus paper article. it is like a museum down here. >> it is a rotating, you know, a bunch of stuff. i have put away. i bring it out and change walls every once in a while depending on who i am in favor of that week. >> right. >> well. it has been a great year for indians base bought but you get to be the browns expert of the week, browns and cowboys. >> okay. >> give me your pick. >> i would say 28-48 cowboy. >> 28-414 i >> this room is a little slice of history. unfortunately the browns are also history. >> but, we're only about 110 day from spring training. that's my pick, cowboys 110, browns 0. >> wow. i don't know if that's going happen but we will see. >> we better dream to the indians success. >> thank you so much. >> thank you for coming. >> root beer. >> sure. >> now, look at this.
5:48 am
barker threw the perfect game in may of 19816789 remember half of cleveland tells you they were there, but they only had 7200 fan there is and he has proof. he has the autographed ticket stub and article from that night from lynn barker. >> there you go. you can find my brown pick for sunday,ing the not be 110-0: i'm expecting a little closer game but find it on fa john anderson wkyc. let me know about your fan cave because you can be the next browns fan expert of the week. >> it is really nice to see a baseball museum like than. >> director mike you are out of there, i mean 110? come on, matt. really? >> i don't even know where to start. but i do share a special relationship with our director so i will keep my mouth shut. >> coming up after the break,
5:49 am
you won't believe what i town. you want believe the price, and it is life proof. i will see you right after
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welcome back. wealther on the run continues and greg has made his way through the city and join us again. >> easterner first energy with an app for tailgaters, i want to hear about this one, greg. >> they're actually gadget, john because a lot of us will be out here, the cowboys are in town. you will get up early and be here all morning once you start tailgating you are having a lot of fun. from you a device on you, how in of you cracked your phone, dropped it, scuffed it, broke it got it wet. i have a couple of things you want to have. first a good case and i have to tell you i have partnered with my friends here to shoal show you these gadget, these life- proof cases are some of best cases out there. this is a full blown water
5:53 am
meters of water or about six feet for american audience here. they list it in meters. you squeeze this really tight. it snaps in and it will keep your phone perfectly dry and safe. there's a port, a charging port for your phone. there's one draw back here, to access your actual head phone jack, you have to unscrew this little do dad here and actually plug in an adapter so just keep that in mine, in order to thing that's great is this. this is a -- battery case. i have got one of these at home for trips. you slide your phone in here, put it in, givers it extra protection put also doubles the battery life because you know you are on your phone the whole givers you are at the game, at the tailgate, you are sharing your snap, instragram, you want to have battery power, that's the way to do it. >> in the next hour, we will upgrade the way you actually
5:54 am
you no longer need a satellite or anything fancy. there are new gadget that is allow you to watch the game right here, guys. >> very cool. >> thank you, greg. >> thank you, greg. >> they weeks from today tsuper bowl,. >> yes. >> matt granite super bowl because that will be black friday. >> three is the lucky number today. >> channel 3, three weeks until black friday and today a three in one door buster that i am bringing you early. >> yes. >> three in one. >> this is actually going be line up forment i promised every item that everyone lines up for at a lower price, get it to you early, no lining up required on >> this is a power bank meets streaming system, meets speakerphone, let's meet intern casey. >> there's a usb output. take a lightning cable, whatever it is you want and in this case we will power and
5:55 am
the same speaker that's going to play music. >> this is also very durable. >> it is also water proof. >> it is still working. going. >> you feel the christmas spirit. >> i do. i love the christmas pert and love black friday door busters early. this device has a original price of $100. amazon sells it for $80. i can beat amazon any day and i did. >> wow. >> yes. >> tacket amazon. >> you get your choice of colors. >> the fact this takes care of three things and you can smash
5:56 am
mean. there you go. >> three weeks until black friday. >> we have a different door buster everyday. >> smash it, lena. smash it. >> better not on the desk. we will get in trouble. >> the days top stories are straight ahead. >> yeah. let's check in with tiffany. >> with just days to the election, there's a big political push happening in ohio today. >> all election day mayham, why the government is preparing for a potential cyber attack on next tuesday. >> and overwhelmed week, how to simplify your schedule and reduce stress, hey, holly. >> i can't wait to hear. >> all right. >> and we're chatting about your tgif forecast, it is cloud cover to start. more sunshine later today. hang in there. we will see pretty bright sky, we are in mid 50s for highs
5:57 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
entertainment and politics collide. i will let you know what's happening today just days before the election. >> election day for power outages but not voter fraud. goods morning. i'm running and doing the weather. we have your forecast and details for tail getting. >> that's an impressive talent, run, speaking not even out of breath. we will check back in with gregg and see where he is and


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